Principal Nicole Adams

n. adamsWelcome to Le Sueur-Henderson Middle and High School. It is a privilege to partner with the families, staff and community on behalf of our students.  At LS-H we are cultivating the tools, skills and capabilities that our students will need in order to become independent, productive adults with the ability to determine their own future.

In the 21" century, the way we as humans now consume, distribute and process information is in a continuous state of flux. Our students must have a wide and varied skill set and knowledge base in order to be successful beyond high school. Students must be prepared to be lifelong learners and adapters to new technologies and modes of thinking. This means in addition to learning content at high levels, students must be competent critical and abstract thinkers, problem-solvers, savvy consumers of information, possess effective interpersonal skills and perhaps most importantly, they must have grit and perseverance in order to be able to adapt to a constantly shifting landscape.  They must be prepared to learn beyond high school and be ready to take on new challenges.

It is for this reason that at LS-H we must set and consistently adhere to high expectations around academics and positive behaviors. These expectations apply to each and every student at LS-H. That said, how each student meets those expectations is varied. We must personalize our approach to student learning needs and develop systemic pathways to meet those needs.

Much work has already been done to lay the foundation.  We will continue to focus on student learning through our PLC process, through continued development of guaranteed and viable curriculum aligned to state standards and engage students in rigorous and relevant learning. We will hold students accountable for their learning and behaviors in a safe, supportive learning environment.

We will settle for success, nothing less, for each student at LS-H.

Nicole Adams 
MS/HS Principal