The Library Media Center serves as an instructional facility for all students and staff.  It is here that critical skills of information gathering, analyzing, and evaluating are practiced and reinforced.  Located in the LMC are:

    * a main reading and instructional area,
    * a mini-lab for students conducting online research and working on computer    projects,
    * a video viewing station,
    * and access to a variety of resources.

Media Resources

The resources of the Library Media Center are made available to all students.  Students, in turn, are expected to demonstrate proper care of the materials, equipment, and facilities.  This includes sharing resources with others and returning them when due.

    * Books & Books on Tape  - Due 3 weeks from check-out
    * Magazines/Pamphlets - Due 1 week from check-out
    * Reference/Reserved Resources - Due 8:00 a.m. the day following check-out
    * Video Programs - View in the center only

Online Services

The LMC subscribes to several on-line services for student research, including encyclopedias, magazine indexes, SIRS Researcher (social issues materials), a literature finder, and more.  Many of these offer full text printing options or the ability to email the resource to the student's personal address. Several of these are available for the student to use at their home computer through the school's website.


The library will be open from 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. daily.  Computer centers are open to students with passes only if it supervised and a class is not scheduled.


The library is a place for quiet study.  Students using the center must not interfere with others working there.  No food or pop is allowed in the library or the computer labs.  Come to the centers prepared.

Use of the Center During Study Hall

Grades  9 - 12 Procedure : To use the LMC during study hall, you may come directly to the center during passing time.  Write you name on the sign-in sheets provided at the Media Center desk.

Grades 7 - 8 Procedure: You'll need a pass to leave your study hall:

    * from the teacher who is giving you the assignment to do in the center.
    * from your study hall teacher if want to check a book or a magazine - or read the newspaper (20 minute limit).

If we have classes in the LMC and have to restrict attendance, an announcement will be made to that effect.

Penalty for Misuse of the LMC

Students who do not behave in a responsible manner will lose thier privileges to use the LMC for a brief time, or may be required to have an assignment pass issued by a faculty member.

Resource Check-Out

Student's Responsibility: The student who checks out an item is responsible for it.  Items must be returned on or before the due date out of consideration to others who may need them.  It is important to take good care of items.  Students will be billed for materials that are damaged through misuse or neglect.

Renewal: Materials may be renewed by bringing them back to the library media center.  You do not need to wait for an overdue notice to renew.

Overdue Notices: Lists of students with overdue items will be posted throughout the building during the last week of each quarter.  Individual student notices will be sent to first hour classes.

Overdue and/or Damaged Materails: After report cards are distributed, those students who are still on the overdue list will lose all media center privileges until their name is cleared.