Mathematics Courses

Mathematics 6 Required Year

Sixth grade math will cover comparing and ordering integers, solving problems using standard and metric units of measure, estimating and calculating averages and percents, and knowing about ratios and proportions. This course will also teach students to integrate the use of the fouroperations of whole and decimal numbers, finding actual and estimated answers. Students will learn to calculate the linear dimensions of any polygon, and the area of squares, rectangles, andtriangles. They will also create and evaluate graphs, charts, and tables by utilizing technology.This class will prepare students to move into either Math 7 or Pre-Algebra.

Mathematics 7 Required Year

Seventh grade math focuses on defining basic arithmetic operations. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers is reviewed in great detail. Fractions and decimals are reviewed extensively, concentrating on basic operations. Students are introduced to basic geometry ideas, mainly area and volume. Finally students are given a brief introduction to negative numbers and percents.


Mathematics 7A (Pre-Algebra) Required Year (Students will be selected for this course based on a test and teacher recommendation)

This course is designed for students that have a high level of interest and have demonstrated above average ability in mathematics. This is a pre-algebra course which will explore suchtopics as variables, expressions, equations, and graphing as well as a five-step problem solving strategy to help students apply mathematical concepts.

Mathematics 8 Required Year

Eighth grade math focuses on introductory concepts for Algebra as well as basic skills. Negative numbers are covered in great detail. Integers and fractions are reviewed as an introduction to theconcept of percents and ratio and proportion. Simple geometric figures are also reviewed with emphasis on area and volume. Variables and simple algebraic equations are introduced withmuch emphasis given to problem solving.