Selecting A College
College Board College Search
On College Board's College Search, you can enter information about yourself, including possible major, type of college, or sports or activities you'd like to do in college, and find a school that might be a good match for you.

Find the college that might be right for you based on location, selectivity, majors available, and other features.

College View
Use this site to search colleges by major or location and compare two colleges based on several factors.

Visit a College
Before making your final choice, it is important to make a college visit! You can set up visits at any time during your college search by calling the admissions office of the college and requesting a tour, asking to sit in on a class, ask to meet a professor, or stay overnight. Before traveling to the college, you may want to use this site to do a virtual campus tour.

Questions to start your college search
Unsure where to begin? Start by thinking about the following questions and use your answers in the following college search engines. 

• Do I want to commute or live on campus? 
• Do I want to attend a college close to home or farther away? 
• Do I want to attend college in a big city or a small town? 
• Do I want a small college (up to 3,000 students) or a large one (over 7,000 students)? 
• What kind of weather do I prefer? 
• Would I prefer a single-sex or co-ed college? 
• Do I want to join a fraternity or sorority? 
• Do I want to participate in extracurricular activities? What kinds? 
• Do I want an academically demanding environment, or would I prefer a school where I can do well without a lot of struggle? 
• Do I know what I’d like to study or what type of job I’d like to have? 
• Will my family and I be able to support my college costs? 
• Do I want to spend part of my college years studying in another country?