College Visits
How to Visit a College
You can set up college visits at any time during your college search. The visit may have a big impact on your decision whether or not to attend a school, so many students choose to visit campuses before even applying. If you're not able to visit the campus before applying, make sure you have visited before you agree to enroll in the college. 

To set up a college visit, just call the admissions office of the college you'd like to see. Numbers for each admissions office are available on the college's website. 

When calling the admissions office of each college, you may request a tour, ask to sit in on a class, ask to meet a professor, or ask about eating in the cafeteria or staying in the dorm overnight.

Questions to ask on a college visit
When you visit a college campus, you should be prepared to ask some questions of the admissions representative, tour guide, and current college students. Think about the things that are important to you in a college and create a list of questions to bring with you to the visit. Some things you may wish to ask about are: 

Do you have my major? 
What is the employment rate for graduates from your college with my major? 
How many hours a week does a typical student study? 
Where do students study on campus? 
How easy is it to get the classes you want? 
How likely is it that I will graduate in four years? 
How many students are in a typical freshman class? 

Campus Life: 
Do students go home on weekends or stay on campus? 
What kinds of activities are available for students? 
What is the likelihood of playing with an athletic team? 
Is it possible to study in the dorm rooms? 
Are there campus jobs available? Jobs in the nearby town? 

What do you think is the best thing about this college? 
If you could change something about this college, what would it be? 

Write down your impressions as you're touring or immediately after leaving campus. While there are many important things you can learn about a school from the internet or a book, for many students, college is a 24-hour-a-day commitment that is not just about what they study, but also where they live, what they eat, and with whom they spend time. By visiting a college, you can get a better idea of whether each college is a good fit for you. 

Virtual Campus Tours
If you'd like to get a feel for how a college looks, but can't yet visit the college, try this website, which offers video tours of many college campuses.