College Applications
When to apply
Be sure to check each college's deadline to be sure you're not missing any important dates. Typically, students apply for college in the fall of their senior year.

College Application Tips
• Follow the rules. Read the application directions completely before answering any questions. Applications may request a certain color ink, number of words, or layout for your answer. 
• Check for errors. Proofread your writing, and consider asking a parent, teacher, or the school counselor to check your application for any obvious errors. 
• Use formal writing. Many colleges offer online applications, but do not take this as an opportunity to use IM slang. Treat your college applications seriously and avoid unnecessary abbreviations, overly casual wording, or slang. 
• Include all forms. Double check that you have not left out any documents. In addition to applications, some colleges require checks, transcripts, essays, letters of recommendation, and other documents. 
• Emphasize leadership. If you have taken a leadership role in your activities, either through the school or in the community, be sure to mention your position or award.