Drawing I Syllabus
Drawing I & II Course Syllabus
Drawing I & II Course Syllabus  
Artist: Erin Pfarr
Student Outcomes: 
-Students will understand the relationship between the elements and principles of design in their artwork. 
-Students will produce quality, realistic and non-realistic drawings which show effective use of the elements and principles of design. 
-Students will create drawings using a variety of tools and media and art influences. 
-Students will become aware of art in history and throughout the cultures of the world. 
-Students will apply a critical approach to interpret and analyze works of art. 

Projects are graded according to effort, creativity, craftsmanship, and understanding of techniques. 

Grading Scale: 100%-95% A, 94%-90% A-, 
89%-87% B+, 86%-84% B, 83%-80% B-, 79%-77% C+, 76%-74% C, 73%-70% C-, 69%-67% D+, 66%-64% D, 63%-60% D-, 59%-below F 

Class Requirements: 
-Students are responsible to turn in projects by their due date. Students are required to turn in two sketches in their sketchbooks every week. It's important for students to not miss class, so they can get individual help if needed. Attendance is very important since Art is mainly project based.