Pre-Algebra/Math 7A
LSH Middle School Math 
7th Grade 
Welcome to 7th grade math. This is going to be a science intensive math class. We will use math to help us solve science problems. As we begin exploring algebra I thought you might want to know what the adventure may look like. 

Every day we explore new concepts, concentrate on vocabulary and problem solving, and do work. Some of this may make it home. We try to finish most work in class so the learners can receive direct instruction. This isn’t always possible and some work may have to come home. Please feel free to help your learner, but if math takes longer than 15 minutes, send it back for more clarification. 

Once every chapter the learners will get a take-home quiz. The goal would be for them to establish a network of people that can help them. Feel free to dig right in. They are allowed to use any resource within reason. I want them all to get all the points. I want them to figure out where to find help. 

If you don’t keep up with daily work, you may struggle with tests and pop quizzes (yes they start popping up soon.) After the completion of a chapter, no late work will be graded. You (or I) may choose to have the learner complete the work, but no points will be awarded. Fridays will be worksheet days as much as possible—math books that go home on week-ends are less likely to be ready for learning on Mondays. The Pre-Algebra book is also able on CD for most computers if you are interested. 

Any questions? Please feel free to e-mail me