Ms. Jensen


Ms. Jensen

Welcomes You to Science 


We will be having a great year---lots of exciting things to do, see and learn! This year I will be teaching Life Science and Earth Science 
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Welcome Parents of 7th Graders

Your child will be taking Life Science 7. Here are a few hints to help both you and I to have a drama free science year. 

Along with teaching science I try to take the mystery out of studying. One of the first things we will be working on are outlines and mind maps. I go over not only how to outline, but also how to decide what is important enough to put into an outline; we also review Roman numerals and highlighting. Using color to highlight things like vo-cab words helps students.


 Mind maps are simply taking the outlines and turning them into pictures. Students have to go over the information in the outline and work at understanding it enough to be able to change the words into a picture. That picture will help them to remember the information. It is the process of thinking about the information and trying to understand it that is studying. It is the process that is important. 

I am asking that students spend 20 minuets a night, 5 days a week working on science. If they do that they will keep up and not be trying to cram it all in the night before a test. Rest assured that I give them ample notice for tests and assignment due dates.

A student should never need to do all of the outlines and mind maps the night before a test. Not having the prep work finished is no excuse to postponing the taking of a test. 

With the completion of each chapter a Parent Evaluation will be brought home for you to complete with your child. Hopefully it will help keep you informed about what is going on in science class and help you to see the progress and growth being made through out the year by your child.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me(507-665-5883),

Ms. Jensen