American Government 
American Government Grade 11 1 quarter Required 1/2 credit This course will consist of the following areas of study: 1) Different governmental systems; 2) An understanding of the basic rights and responsibilities or U.S. citizenship; 3) Important documents and their impact on our life; 4) A study of political parties and the voting process and; 5) A review of the three branches of government and how each work together.
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World History 
World History (class of 2008 & beyond) Grade 10 One semester Required 1 credit World History is the study of civilizations, cultures and empires from the past to the present. Contributions of people, social and political development, and interactions with or across cultures are emphasized.
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Contemporary Issues in America

CIA is designed to introduce students to the spectrum of current issues in their world.  Considerable emphasis is placed on understanding how each issue is perceived by those most closely involved in it.  Several issues are selected by the instructor and the students are also given latitude to explore other problems according to individual interest.  Current events are regularly presented and these are completed sometime individually and sometimes in groups.
 Social 8 Required Year

This course will consist of the study of five geographic themes as they relate to the world. These themes give a structure to the way of perceiving the world and are utilized in the study of  local and global geographic issues.