Sociology: Syllabus
Text: Sociology, The Study of Human Relationships, W. LaVerne Thomas, 2000. 

Purpose: Sociology is the study of group behavior. In this course, you will see how behavior of like minded groups have changed and affected our world as we see it today. 
Course Description: Areas of study will include society and culture, social structure, social instruction, socialization, continuity and change, and social problems/social deviance. The course will not be limited to these areas. 

Units of Coverage 
Culture and Social Structure: Chapters 1-4 
The Individual and Society: Chapters 5-8 
Social Inequality: Chapters 9-11 
Social Institutions: Chapters 12-15 
The Changing Social World: Chapters 16-18 

Grading Scale: Course grades are as follows: 
94-100% A 73-76% C 
90-93% A- 70-72% C- 
87-89% B+ 67-69% D+ 
83-86% B 63-66% D 
80-82% B- 55-62% D- 
77-79% C+ Below 55% F 

The breakdowns of grades are as follows: 
Tests and quizzes (Approximately 6-8 per quarter) 
Daily work (15-20 assignments per quarter) 
Participation (Being an active participant in class activities) 

Grades will be posted according to student ID number on a weekly basis on the board located at the north wall of the room. As per school policy, work not turned in after 30 days does not receive credit. All late work will be counted as reduced credit. 

Makeup Procedure: It is your responsibility to take care of all makeup work. This needs to be done in a timely manner. The Student Handbook states that students have two days to makeup work for each day missed. 

Behavioral Expectations: 
1. Be on time. 
2. Be prepared. Bring all books and materials on a daily basis. 
3. Be responsible for your education. 
4. Be respectful to others, their belongings and their opinions. 
5. As per school policy, there are to be no hats/cell phones in the classroom. 
Contact Information: 
Students and parents may contact the instructor via phone; 665-5867 or email; Students and/or parents may also contact the teacher at home.