Communications Courses

English 6 Required Year

English 6 focuses on reading, writing, speaking and listening with a focus on writing. In thiscourse, students will learn about the writing process and will use it to create expository, narrativeand persuasive pieces. Spelling, grammar and language usage will be taught and applied to writing. Effective communication through speaking and listening will also be stressed.

English 7 Required Year

Seventh grade English is a skill building course, rather than one that centers on content.Emphasis is on building individual skill levels in reading, writing, speaking and listening.Writing is our emphasis. There are many writing assignments including: short daily work assignments, essays, journals, and poetry. Attention is given to grammar and spelling in connection with good writing skills. Speaking and listening are also important in communication. Student work on these skills through class discussion, oral reports, and cooperative group activities.

English 8 Required Year

English 8 consists of various areas of learning which can be classified as reading, writing,speaking and listening. In order to help students learn in all these areas, we teach literature,grammar and usage, writing concepts and reading strategies, plus much more. Specific areas ofstudy in English 8 contain the following: grammar and usage, spelling and vocabulary, shortstories, reading practice assessments, three novels, poetry, drama, speech, discussion techniques,and writing concepts.