Computer Courses

Keyboarding 6 Required One Quarter

Keyboarding 6 is required of all 6th graders. The course is to learn to use the touch typing technique (home row) in typing on the computer. Students will be able to save and retrieve files from the school’s server. The program they will learn to use is Word.

Keyboarding 7 Required One Quarter

Keyboarding 7 is required of all 7th grade students. This course is designed for students to learn and improve their keyboarding skills with technique and accuracy. Students learn basic computer skills using the program of Word.

Computers 8 Required One Quarter

All 8th graders take this class. This is basically an application class. Students become proficientin basic word processing using Word; they are introduced to Excel, a spreadsheet program; they use Power Point to create a presentation. Smart searching is taught so students learn how to find information on the internet. A brief review of the keyboard and technique is done throughout the class covering alpha keys and numbers and symbols.