Music Courses

Band 6 Year

Band 6 will be an introduction to band skills including proper instrument playing, care and maintenance. Music reading and theory are also taught.

Band 7 Year

Prerequisite: Band 6 Band 7 provides for the development of technical skill and music experience through performance. Music fundamentals such as key and style are presented together with some historical information and listening skills.

Band 8 Year

Prerequisite: Band 7 Band 8 provides for the advanced development of technical skill and music experience throughperformance. Music fundamentals such as key, style, historical information and appreciation are

Choir 6 Year

Choir 7 Year

Choir 8 Year

Sixth, Seventh and Eighth grade Choir are year long courses geared toward giving students apositive experience in a performance ensemble while building skills in singing, music theory,and group cooperation. Songs from a variety of styles and cultures are rehearsed each quarter tobe perfected and performed in a concert setting. There are three required performances throughout the year in both classes, which are assessed as a major part of the student’s grade.